Solar Maintenance Packages

Regular maintenance checks performed by professionals are essential to ensure your solar PV system operates at its peak. This not only optimises energy output but also leads to significant long-term savings.

In addition to performance optimisation, routine maintenance serves as a proactive measure against potential issues, preventing them from evolving into costly repairs. This proactive approach not only prolongs your solar PV system’s lifespan but also mitigates the financial impact of replacement costs.

Safety is a top priority, and professional maintenance checks guarantee the safe and effective operation of your solar PV system. This not only protects your property but also safeguards individuals within it from potential hazards.

It’s important to note that many solar PV system warranties mandate regular maintenance checks for validity. Entrusting professionals with these checks not only upholds your warranty but also secures your initial investment.

Early detection and resolution of potential issues not only spare you from expensive repairs and replacement costs but also contribute to the overall fine-tuning of your solar PV system. The end result? Substantial savings on your energy bills.

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Reduce Energy Bills

Regular maintenance allows the system to run at its optimum performance, reducing your energy bills further.


Solar panels are designed to last 25 years with regular maintenance, therefore, you will be prolonging their life.

Qualified Engineers

Our qualified engineers will assess your solar PV system on an annual basis to ensure it is running at its optimal performance.

Proactive Approach

With a proactive approach you are ensuring that your warranties are upheld and avoiding any unnecessary costly repairs.

Choose the solar maintenance package that is right for you

Enroll in Trent VC’s Solar PV maintenance package, and enjoy consistent upkeep and inspections. Experience peak system performance, prolonged equipment lifespan, and cost-effectiveness through proactive issue detection and prevention. 

*Prices are for installations carried out by Trent VC. For installations carried out by another supplier, we will need to visit your premises to complete a health check and price accordingly.

Solar Maintenance Package 12 months
Solar Maintenance Package 24 month
Solar Maintenance Package 36 months

Premium Solar PV Maintenance Packages

If you are looking for more of a robust and premium maintenance package, Trent VC can help with that too! Our premium package has everything you need from an annual service by one of our solar specialist, a yearly clean of your solar array for maximum output to our fast track priority service.

Regular servicing of your solar panels is important for keeping your system running and its longevity. A skilled technician will inspect and maintain the panels, identify potential issues before they escalate into major problems which saves both time and money in the long term.

*Prices are for installations carried out by Trent VC. For installations carried out by another supplier, we will need to visit your premises to complete a health check and price accordingly.

1 Year Solar Maintenance Premium Package
2 Year Solar Maintenance Premium Package
3 Years Solar Maintenance Premium Package

Why Trent VC?

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Expert installer

All our installation experts are qualified and BPEC certified renewable installers.

Products to suit all budgets

We supply and install a range of products that suit all budgets.

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Save money

We are competitively priced and provide value for money. You also pay 0% VAT.

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Solar vehicle charging

Trent VC can install your solar panel system and electric vehicle charger.

Ready to turn over a new leaf?

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