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Embracing greener energy options, installing solar panels presents an excellent method to generate electricity for your home. The process of solar panel installation is uncomplicated, and once in place, you can immediately reap the rewards of free electricity!

Located in Nottingham, Trent VC specialises in providing renewable energy solutions to both residential and commercial clients across the East Midlands. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive and complimentary consultation, during which a member of our team will visit your home to conduct a thorough survey and gather all necessary information. By understanding your unique requirements and expectations, we can tailor a system that ensures you achieve the maximum output from your solar panels.


Solar PV panels operate by using photovoltaic cells that capture solar energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. These cells are placed between semi-conducting materials, usually silicon. When the material is exposed to light, it becomes energized, generating an electric current. What’s remarkable is that solar cells can produce electricity not only from direct sunlight but also from visible light, ensuring their functionality even on cloudy days.

To make the electricity suitable for household use, it must pass through an inverter. Initially, the solar cells generate a direct current (DC), which needs to be transformed into an alternating current (AC). This conversion typically occurs within the home and is ideally positioned near the solar panels, often in the loft or garage.

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Solar panel & Battery Storage

No matter what your budget is, we have a solar panel system for you. We supply solar panels on their own or as part of a kit with battery storage. You can choose from in-roof solar panels that replace your tiles or, you can have on-roof panels that sit on top of your roof tiles. Not sure which option is best for you? Contact our experts for advice. 

Due to the complexities of commercial solar panel installations, our renewable experts will supply a bespoke solution tailored for your business.

Trina Solar Panel

Trina Solar Panel

  • Trina Vertex S is our most most solar panel.
  • 415W panel
  • All black mono solar panel
  • Other branded solar panels available
  • 25 year warranty


  • Battery storage ranges from 2.5kw – 13.5kw.
  • Hybrid inverter 3.6kW and 5kW
  • Controlled via app
GIVEnergy battery storage
solaredge 10kwh battery

Solar Edge

  • Battery storage up to 10kW
  • Hybrid inverter 3.68kW
  • HomeHub inverter 8kW for three phrase
  • Inverter for three phase supplies
  • Controlled via app


  • 5.12 kW – 5.32kW storage battery
  • Inverter 3.6kW – 8kW 
  • 10 year extended warranty
  • Controlled via app
Solar PV Panel Installation


Our free driving for life* is ideal for those who have an electric car and drive 20 miles or less a day and who are interested in renewable energy. The kit consists of:

  • 4Kw solar panel system (10 solar panels)
  • 5kwh battery storage
  • 7kw EV charger
  • plus, any ancillaries that your home requires for the set up.

You can have the full kit or just the parts you need.  One of our team will visit your home for a free consultation and carry out a technical survey. During this consultation our renewable expert will talk you through your options and advise on the best solution for your budget.

* Free Driving for Life is based on the annual consumption of a 10kw solar panel system producing 3,400kwh per year, annual daily mileage of 20 miles, using a standard 7kw domestic electric vehicle charger as supplied. Meaning you will have produced over the amount of 8.65kwh per day to charge your car to 25miles.

Carbon footprint

You will be reducing your carbon footprint as most of the materials used in solar panels are being progressively recycled.

Save money

By generating your own power via the sun, you will be making savings on your electricity bills.

Low Maintenance

Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels can last for over 25 years and require very little maintenance.


When paired with battery storage you will be able to use the energy produced during the day in the evening, therefore saving you even more money.


Your property value could increase as we all move to renewable energy sources and could be a deciding factor for potential buyers who also wish to live greener.

Pay 0% VAT

You can save money on your solar panel installation with 0% VAT to pay and for businesses you may be able to claim for the special rate first year allowance.

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Get the most out of your Solar PV system with our maintenance packages

As part of our commitment to our clients, we offer a range of solar PV system maintenance packages to suit all budgets.

Regular maintenance of your solar PV system ensures your warranties are upheld if you were ever to make a claim. It also helps spot any potential issues and spare you from expensive repairs down the line, assisting in the longevity of your system.

Our maintenance packages are also designed to ensure your solar PV system is running at its optimum performance, saving you money on your energy bills. 

Why Trent VC?

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Expert installer

All our installation experts are qualified and BPEC certified renewable installers.

Products to suit all budgets

We supply and install a range of products to suit all budgets.

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Save money

We are competitively priced and provide value for money. You also pay 0% VAT.

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Solar vehicle charging

Trent VC can install your solar panel system and electric vehicle charger.

Go green and save with Trent VC

Contact us now to find out more about solar panels and vehicle charging, and how we can help you save money and the environment.

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