What to Consider When Investing in Workplace EV Charging

Workplace electric vehicle charging

As individuals, we are all making changes to how we live and breaking old habits as the world tries to get a grip on global warming. Changing up our cars to electric vehicles, creating our own energy via solar panels, recycling our waste and being more mindful of our water usage. Businesses in the UK and worldwide are now also looking at how they can play their part in saving the world from the devastation of global warming.

Below we discuss key items your workplace needs to consider when looking to invest in workplace EV charging stations.

Competency to Install an EV Charging Station

When searching for companies to quote for your EV charging station installation, look for those who are OZEV approved. By appointing an OZEV approved installer there are two major benefits. You will be able to claim the OZEV workplace grants. Giving you access to savings of up to £15,000 per grant application. Plus, to be an OZEV improved installer, the company must have Competent Person Scheme (CPS) operators. These operators are registered contractors with bodies such as NICEIC. Meaning, they are assessed on a regular basis to make certain that they are competent in meeting the relevant technical and safety standards and codes of practice. In turn, giving you peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

Charging Capacity

EV chargepoints range from 7kWh to 350kWH:

  • Standard (3.7-7kW) – typically found at home
  • Fast (7-22kW) – frequently found at businesses
  • Rapid (22-350kW) – found at motorway service stations

Workplace and businesses usually have a three-phrase electricity supply, therefore, allowing them to have a 22kWh EV charger. If your business does not have a three-phase power supply, then you can contact your DNO (distribution network operator) to request an upgrade. The business will need to pay for this.

Please note, not all electric vehicles can accept a 22kWh AC. Therefore, even if your business does install a 22kWh charger, the vehicle will only charge to its maximum charge rate. However, if you have multiple electric cars charging, your business would benefit from a 22kWh charger.

EV Charging Station Placement

Ideally your chargepoints need to be situated near your main consumer unit. Where this is not possible, your electrician can advise on the best EV charging station placement.

Businesses who are applying for the OZEV workplace grant need to fulfil specific criteria on parking to be eligible. It must be private parking and associated with the business either on-site or a reasonable distance away.

Who Pays for Charging Electric Vehicles

A company can pay for employees to charge their car at work as part of their company benefits package. This is a great way to retain and attract new employees as we move to electric vehicles.

Or you can charge your employees to use the EV chargepoints. EV charger management systems allow you to link all your chargepoints to an app.  This app gives your business access to in-depth usage reporting, consumption monitoring, load management, pricing and work linking, enabling full control of the charging infrastructure. All this information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere in the world.

EV Charging OZEV grant Savings

Currently there are two grants available to businesses.

EV Infrastructure grant where businesses can save per parking space:

  • Up to £350 per chargepoint
  • Up to £500 per parking space for infrastructure

There is a maximum of 5 grants available, with a saving of up to £15,000 per grant application. A minimum of 5 parking bays spaces must be allocated with one working charger to claim this grant.

Workplace Charging Scheme is for businesses who solely require chargepoints rather than infrastructure. The OZEV grant reduces the cost by up to £350 per chargepoint. With a maximum limit of 40 chargepoints across your site.

Click here to read more about the OZEV grants. Or complete our form and we’ll call you to talk you through it.

Maintenance service

When selecting a company to install your EV Charge Points, it is always worthwhile checking if they provide maintenance and service contracts. Regular maintenance of your chargepoints will ensure that they are operating at their best. It will also help prevent any problems before they occur and can stop any issues developing into major faults. Depending on the company, your supplier can also talk you through ways to manage and improve your usage.

How Trent Vehicle Charging Can Help

Trent VC are an OZEV approved installer and have NICEIC registered employees. We have helped many businesses with their workplace EV charging throughout the East Midlands. One of our team will visit your premises for a free consultation to discuss your requirements and create a design to achieve your desired results. From this, we will provide you with a competitive quote, then supply and install your chargepoint(s) on a mutually agreed date.

For those projects requiring groundworks, no problem. We have our own in-house civils team and can even help with your car park bay painting.

If you would like to book your free consultation, please get in touch. You can reach us via email hello@trentvc.co.uk, complete our booking form or call us on 0115 978 9700.

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