What is the OZEV Grant? Why is OLEV now OZEV

what is olev grant

OZEV Grant

what is the OLEV grant? The OZEV grant is a financial assistance program administered by the UK government that assists businesses and local governments in acquiring electric vehicle charging devices. The grant contributes to the broader government initiative to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles.

OLEV recently changed its name to ‘OZEV’ — while the former is still the preferred abbreviation. The Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is the government agency entrusted with overseeing the grant, and more broadly, EV charging infrastructure across the United Kingdom. The name changes from ‘Low’ to ‘Zero’ were supposed to better align with the government’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. The OZEV task force is coordinated by the Departments of Transport and Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

The OZEV grants program is divided into two distinct programs for businesses, organizations, and municipal governments:

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a voucher-based initiative that provides up to £350 off purchasing and installing an electric vehicle charging point, totaling 40 plugs. Following grant acceptance, you will receive a voucher that may be redeemed at OZEV-approved installations.


What is the OLEV Residential On-Street Charge point Grant (ORCS):

The scheme, which accepts applications from local governments, was developed to expand the number of roadside/residential electric vehicle charging stations in areas where off-street parking is not accessible.

According to a recent survey, 6.6 million households in the UK lack access to off-street parking — a concerted effort is needed to improve EV charging infrastructure to avoid this becoming a persistent barrier to EV adoption.

The On-street Residential Charge point Scheme is a program administered by The Energy Saving Trust on behalf of OZEV. It assists up to 75% of the capital expenses of buying and installing on-street electric car charging stations and dedicated parking bays.


OZEV Grant Schemes

You can claim up to £350 back from the government via the OZEV Grant (formerly OLEV) Scheme.
Since 2010, the EV Homecharge Scheme has been implemented, followed by the Workplace Charging Scheme in 2016. Since its inception at £1000, the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) has reduced the grant by more than half and will continue to do so. Likewise, for the Workplace Charging Scheme.

There are numerous advantages to use the OZEV grant program, including the ability to charge domestic vehicles, company cars, and fleet vehicles. This contributes to the reduction of your carbon footprint, fuel savings, and vehicle maintenance costs.


Eligibility for OZEV grants

To qualify for an OZEV grant, your car must have been certified by the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles as an ultra-low emission vehicle (OZEV).

This also includes EVs that are no longer eligible for the plug-in car grant because their price exceeds the category 2 or 3 price cap or are no longer available for sale in the UK. See if your electric car is included in the entire list of vehicles eligible for the OZEV grant.


How can I apply for the OZEV grant?

If you qualify for an OZEV grant, you must apply through an OZEV/OLEV-approved installer. You cannot accomplish it on your own.

Once you contact your local OZEV installer, they will ask you to demonstrate that you meet the OZEV grant eligibility standards before initiating the application process. You will need to present the following forms of evidence:

· Your contact information, including your name and address
· The brand, model, and registration number of your electric car
· Your MPAN number – this can be found in your electricity supplier’s welcome letter or on your bill. It is sometimes referred to as a supply number’ and is typically 21 digits long.
· Your order information or the terms of your lease/finance arrangement for your electric vehicle.
· A letter certifying that the vehicle is a company vehicle (if applicable)

Generally, all OZEV applications are processed within 30 days. After approval, your dependable installer will reduce the OZEV grant from your total invoice. That’s it; a simple, stress-free method to save money on your Smart PRO EV charger.


Why is OLEV now called OZEV?

The government team assisting with the transition to electric vehicles has changed its name to reflect the UK government’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has been renamed for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

The UK government stated in November 2020 that:
· From 2030, new gasoline and diesel vehicles will be prohibited (except hybrids capable of traveling a “significant distance with zero emissions”).
· By 2035, all new vehicles sold must be completely emission-free.
· To reflect these objectives, the government team in charge of this aspect of the policy agenda has initiated a rebranding effort.
· Previously known as the “Office for Low Emission Vehicles” (or “OLEV”), the “Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles” (or “OZEV”) will now be known as the “Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles.”



There is no distinction between OZEV and OLEV. The UK government announced in November 2020 that by 2035, all new vehicles sold must be emission-free.

Following this statement, they chose to rebrand the team overseeing this groundbreaking program from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) (OZEV).

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