Residential Car Parks OZEV Grant

Apartment ev charging

Landlords can now access OZEV EV charging grants for their tenants. There are two OZEV grants available for landlords. The EV infrastructure grant for residential car parks and the EV chargepoint grant for landlords.  These grants could potentially save you thousands of pounds.

EV infrastructure grant for residential car parks

This grant is available to businesses and organisations who rent, lease, or manage residential properties. The properties must be multi-unit such as apartment blocks. Per parking space landlords can save:

  • Up to £500 for infrastructure
  • Up to £350 on installation

There must be 5 bays provisioned and have at least one working charger to be able to claim the grant. Landlords can save up to £30,000 per grant application and there are a maximum of 30 grants available per financial year. Landlords can claim one grant per building.

Car parking spaces using the grants must be clearly marked and used by the residents only.

EV chargepoint grant for landlords

For landlords who solely require EV chargepoints installing these can be claimed through the EV chargepoint grant for landlords. With savings of up to £350 per chargepoint installed.

Per year residential landlords can claim 200 grants and commercial landlords 100 grants. These grants can be across a number of sites.

If you are a landlord applying for the EV infrastructure grant and require more chargepoints, then you can claim these via the EV chargepoint grant.

For the above grants, the total amount of grant funding is capped at 75% of the cost of the installation and infrastructure. To learn about the eligibility criteria and how to apply please visit our website.

How we can help

Trent Vehicle Charging are a full-service provider for residential ev charging. We can:

  • Supply and install your EV chargepoints.
  • Complete groundworks with our in-house civils team.
  • Provide car park bay painting.
  • Provide support and maintenance packages to keep chargers at their optimum performance.
  • Plus, we are OZEV approved so can assist you with claiming your OZEV EV charging grant.

Contact us today for a free consultation. One of the team will visit your premises to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free no obligation quote.

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