Quick and Easy Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation

electric vehicle charging point installation

So you’re going to take the plunge into the electric car market and the next step in the process with the world of electric vehicle charging point installation.

To most, it’s unfamiliar territory and it doesn’t matter if you are considering a electric car charging point for business or a domestic install of a charging point, the long and short of it is many people are still unsure of options.

This post is for those on the next step. You know you’re ready for an install, but what does it look like? And who should carry that out?

This guide will talk you through the process and what you can expect before, during and after the installation of electric vehicle charging points.

Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

If you are wondering what your home or workplace will look like following the installation, then don’t worry it’s not going to be a lot different to what it looks like now.

Despite what you might have imagined the likelihood is in most cases that the home charging point is a small box adjoined to your wall like the one below. Can you spot it?

electric vehicle charging point installation

Some of the chargers come in different shapes and some may have a cable showing where they can’t be concealed in the building like this one below.

electric vehicle charging point installation

If it’s just one install at your business premises, then you can expect much of the same.

If you are having multiple charge points then you may have a row of chargers along one wall or individually dotted around the site. Some of them may be on mounts or posts or they may be of the pedestal variety.

Surveying the Site for Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Where a potential domestic electric vehicle charging point installation can’t be surveyed from the office (via our online app) then we will visit your site. For workplace and public charging installations, we will always carry out this survey in person at the business premises. The survey is a short visit to garner all the information required for the intended install. Things like the layout and cable routes, the condition of the existing installation in relation to the new install the load of the property and any potential problems to name but a few. We’ll take some pictures and plan the work to be undertaken.

We’ll also advise you on the best position for the charging point. Again, this can vary depending on whether the install is internal or external of the property, your current power supply and parking preferences.

If you haven’t already chosen a charge point, then we can help you decide which is the best charger for your installation. We aren’t tied to any brands and whilst we have our preferred equipment, we believe that the choice is yours to make.


Taking all the information on board we will then provide you with a fixed price for the installation. This will include all materials and labour along with any OZEV grants to be considered.

Before installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Once you’ve placed your order, we will arrange a convenient time for the charger to be installed. We will also immediately inform your supply network of the intended installation as they have to approve the install.

During installation

An install of a single domestic charger can take anything from a morning to a full day. There are times when installing a charging point can take longer but if that is going to be the case, we’ll discuss that with you before the job is confirmed.

For workplace and public charging installations, it can in some cases take a lot longer depending on factors such as how much civils and other electrical work is required.

In many cases, the new circuit for the charger will be connected directly to a spare way to the existing consumer unit or distribution board. Sometimes a small, dedicated consumer unit may be fitted where there’s no spare way.

In some cases, the supply network may need to isolate the supply so the new consumer unit can be fitted.

We will then carry out the necessary inspection and testing for the certification as well as commissioning the charger.

You are now safe in the knowledge that your charge point has been fitted by an approved and accredited OZEV installer.

Your charging point is fitted by an OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) installer and all groundworks, wiring and installation is checked over thoroughly before being signed off.

Now it’s your turn.

We’ll show you how to use the charging system and the app so that you can keep an eye on your vehicle charging information.

electric vehicle charging point installation

After installation

At Trent Vehicle Charging the customer care doesn’t stop there. We are always on hand for any questions you might have. This could be on the system itself or the process.

We will send you the certification and notify Building Control where required.

The installation and the charge point are guaranteed for 3 years but if your charge point has been damaged or broken, especially in the workplace and public environments where they come under heavy usage then we offer maintenance packages to suit.

Trent Vehicle Charging is a firm that cares and make your electric vehicle charging experience as simple as possible.

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