How to Choose the Perfect Home EV Charger: A Comprehensive Guide

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With the electric vehicle (EV) revolution in full swing, more homeowners are embracing the convenience and sustainability of electric driving. As EV adoption continues to rise, the significance of efficient and reliable home EV chargers cannot be overstated. Yet, the abundance of options on the market can leave you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the ideal charger. Fear not – in this definitive guide, we’ll dissect the essential factors to consider when purchasing a home EV charger. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make a well-informed decision tailored to your specific needs.

Determining Your Home EV Charging Needs

Your journey to choosing the perfect home EV charger begins with understanding your charging requirements. Are you seeking a straightforward charger that solely powers your vehicle, or are you inclined towards harnessing renewable energy sources like solar panels? If you are looking for a charger that works with solar, the MyEnergi Zappi has been designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with solar panels. On the other hand, there is an array of options ranging from budget friendly PodPoint to sophisticated high-end chargers cater to those looking for a standard EV charging experience. These chargers vary not only in functionality but also in aesthetics, offering features from basic on/off capabilities to advanced options.

Selecting the Optimal Charger Power for Your Home and EV

Before delving into charger options, it’s vital to grasp the power capacity suitable for your home and EV. Most households operate on a single-phase supply, accommodating up to a 7kW EV charger. Yet, some modern larger homes are equipped with a three-phase supply, allowing them to embrace a more powerful 22kW charger. However, it’s imperative to consult your vehicle’s dealership or manufacturer to understand your EV’s inverter capabilities. This knowledge is crucial since your 22kW charger may only charge your EV at 7kW or even less based on your EV’s inverter specifications.

Tethered vs. Untethered Chargers: A Matter of Preference

The decision between tethered and untethered EV charger’s hinges on your personal preference. A tethered charger boasts a built-in charging cable, while an untethered version requires you to plug your own cable into the charger. Tethered chargers may appear cluttered with cables, although cable hooks can mitigate this issue. In contrast, untethered chargers offer a sleek appearance but could be less convenient during rainy weather when you must retrieve your cable from your vehicle’s boot.

Harmonising Colour and Aesthetics

Modern EV charger brands understand the importance of aesthetics, offering an array of colours to harmonize with your home’s exterior. From classic black and white to bold reds and blues, you have the flexibility to choose a colour that complements your surroundings. Keep in mind that colour options may vary between brands, so be sure to explore the full spectrum of choices.

Price, Reviews, and Finding the Perfect Fit

Price and functionality go hand in hand when selecting an EV charger. Brands offer options across different price ranges, with low-range chargers providing essential functionality and higher-end models featuring advanced app functions and even integrated lights, such as the Hypervolt. To ensure you’re making an informed decision, undertake thorough research by seeking reviews and consulting with your EV charger installation company. Their expertise can guide you towards the EV charger that best aligns with your requirements.

Maintenance Packages: Ensuring Longevity and Performance

Just as with any other appliance, considering a service and maintenance package for your EV charger is a prudent choice. A comprehensive package should encompass an annual safety certificate of compliance, visual inspection of charging components, and a chargepoint efficiency test. Interior checks, cleaning, and firmware updates guarantee optimal performance. In the event of an issue, a package with priority EV charger repair within 24 hours ensures that you’re never left stranded.

In conclusion, selecting the perfect home EV charger is a task made manageable by considering your unique needs, optimal power requirements, aesthetic preferences, and budget. By delving into reviews and consulting experts, you can confidently embark on your electric driving journey with a reliable and efficient home EV charging solution.

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