Does the Government Electric Vehicle Charging Grant apply to me?


The OZEV EVHS Grant is another name for the government-funded electric vehicle home charge scheme, which was established to encourage the use of low-emission vehicles. The office for low emission vehicles was established with the express purpose of reducing emissions.

This department announced a £2 billion investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in May 2020. With the growing number of EV drivers, this government award aims to cut the cost of EV vehicles and chargers, thereby assisting the UK in reducing emissions.

The OZEV award covers the cost of installing a home charging station for your electric car up to £350. Keep reading to find out how to claim the OLEV grant.



The OZEV EVHS Home charge Grant pays up to 75% of the cost of purchasing and installing a smart home charging point. Typically, eligible drivers receive the entire £350.

  • · To qualify, you must meet a few conditions (details below), including owning or leasing an electric or hybrid vehicle and having private off-street parking attached to your property.
  • An OZEV-certified installer must perform the installation.
  • Any installation business that Right charge connects you with will be OLEV-certified.
  • Before you pay your installer, the grant is deducted from the overall fee. They then seek reimbursement from OLEV for the grant.

Moreover, through the Workplace Charging Scheme, OLEV offers businesses and workplaces up to £350 per socket (some charge sites have two sockets) (WCS).


OLEV EVHS Grant Eligibility?

Naturally, one of the most frequently asked questions is, ‘Can I apply for an OZEV grant?’

To be eligible for the OZEV Homecharge grant, you must meet the following criteria:

· Possess, lease, or be the designated user of an electric or hybrid car that qualifies. Electric Vehicles That Qualify
· Leases must be for a minimum of six months, and you must be the named user of a working automobile for a minimum of six months.
· Install your charge point no later than four months before the anticipated delivery date of your automobile.
· Not previously claimed the grant in your home unless your home includes a second qualified vehicle, in which case you may claim twice but not a third time.
· Install your charging point by an OZEV-certified installation


OLEV EVHS Grant Eligibility: Which charge points am I eligible for?

From 1st April 2020, the award will only be available for smart home charge points. The charger must be capable of transmitting and receiving data. This is OLEV’s complete list of approved charging stations.

The Rightcharge comparison system displays pricing regardless of whether the charge point is OLEV authorized. While most charge points included in the comparison are OLEV-approved, the occasional unapproved charge point (such as the Tesla Wall Charger) might be significantly more expensive to install.


Can my workplace apply for an OZEV Grant?

The OZEV award is intended to support installing home charging stations on non-commercial properties (your home!).

Moreover, there is a workplace pricing scheme (ECS) for businesses that operate significantly differently.

Find out how to apply for the workplace EV charging grant.


Can I benefit from OLEV?

Currently, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) offers a government incentive for electric vehicle home chargers called the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS). This subsidy offers savings of up to 75% on the cost of the home charging point and installation, up to a maximum of £500. This is one of the government-backed incentives designed to encourage drivers to transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs); it is not to be confused with the ‘plug-in grant,’ which provides a discount on the purchase price of certain brand-new low-emission vehicles.

If you qualify for the OLEV grant, you can receive a large discount on the cost of installing a home charging port for your EV or plug-in hybrid vehicle.


OLEV Grant eligibility

To be eligible for the OLEV EVHS award, you must be the registered keeper or major user of an eligible EV or PHEV registered in the UK or be awaiting delivery of one. Additionally, you must:

· Possess off-street parking that is conducive to the installation of a ChargePoint.
· Install a ChargePoint that the OLEV has approved.
· Utilize an OLEV-certified installation.
· Schedule your installation no more than four months in advance of the date of delivery of your PHEV or EV.

While all fully electric vehicles, including the Jaguar I-PACE, qualify for the OLEV subsidy now, not all plug-in hybrid vehicles do. A complete and up-to-date list of qualifying automobiles may be found here.

The OLEV award is available for each qualified car you own or lease, up to a maximum of two ChargePoint per household. You can apply for the OLEV award regardless of whether you want a brand-new or secondhand low-emission vehicle.


Are OLEV Awards subject to a time limit?

Because the OLEV award program has no end date, there is no application deadline now. However, it’s worth noting that OLEV might technically discontinue this program at any time, although they have indicated that they want to do so with a few weeks’ notice.


How to claim OLEV Grant?

You may find information on how to apply for your OLEV grant on the government website. If you apply through an OLEV-approved installer, they will apply for the grant on your behalf. However, you will still need to complete the customer declaration section and may be required to provide evidence regarding the vehicle and your suitability property for installing a home charger. Find out more about applying for an electric vehicle homecharge scheme.


Is it compulsory for me to pay for my EV charging station upfront with the OLEV Grant?

When you apply for the OLEV grant through your installer, they will submit a claim for 75% of the cost of charger and installation (up to £500) on your behalf. The remainder of the cost will be settled upon between you and the installer, and they will be reimbursed for the grant portion upon completion of the installation.

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