Charge Your Electric Car Using Renewable Energy

solar vehicle charging

Renewable energy is the future, and here at Trent Vehicle Charging we are making it possible for you to charge your electric car using renewable energy. Saving you money on fuel while also helping the environment.

In partnership with our sister company Trent Renewable Energy, we are suppling our East Midlands customers with solar vehicle charging kits. These kits are enabling customers to drive their electric car for FREE* for life.

We can supply and install the whole kit or just the parts you need. So, if you are interested in investing in renewable energy solutions, have an electric car and drive 20 miles or less a day. This could be right up your street.

Solar Charging Kit

Our solar vehicle charging kit consists of:

  • 4Kw solar system (10 solar panels)
  • 68Kw inverter
  • 5kwh battery storage
  • 7kw EV charger
  • Plus, any ancillaries that your home requires for the set up

The whole kit price starts from £11,500, however, if you already have some parts of the kit the price will be lower.

How the solar vehicle charging kit works

Via the solar panels you will produce your own electricity using the sun. This electricity, then travels to the battery storage unit, where it is stored ready for you to charge your car.

We often get asked if the UK receives enough sunshine for solar panels to create an adequate supply of electricity. And yes, we do, in fact, solar panels even create electricity when its cloudy outside.

Interested? Next steps

You can contact us on 0115 978 9700 or drop us an email to One of our team will visit your premises for a free in-depth consultation to collect the initial information we need. From this, we will assess your requirements and then complete a technical survey. Our experts will talk you through your options and advise on the best solution for you.

* Free Driving for Life is based on the annual consumption of a 4kw solar panel system (10 panels) with a 3.68Kw inverter, producing 3,400kwh per year, average daily mileage of 20 miles, using a standard 7kw domestic E.V charger as supplied. Meaning you will have produced over the amount of 8.65kwh per day to charge your car to 20 miles. Factors that will affect the figures but are not limited to: driving habits, position of solar panels this can include orientation, pitch of roof, possible shading, weather conditions. Not having your battery/charger setup correctly, how long the car is on charge for, how much of your produced electricity is used by your home. Having a well-maintained system. Base package price- other options are available but the price will vary. Statistics: Solar system production. Driving daily statistics. Energy used to drive average distance.

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