Electric Vehicle Facts: Busting The Myths

Electric Vehicle Facts

Electric Vehicle Facts

Whilst installing electric vehicle charging points, we’ve heard it all when it comes to so-called Electric vehicles Facts and their disadvantages…

Why should I switch to an Electric vehicle?

Will I run out of charge halfway through my journey?

Will it take forever to recharge the battery?

Well, some of the things we hear are just too good not to cover, so below are some answers to these worries that I hope will dispel some of the poor information people are being given or reading.

If I go on a long journey, will I have to keep stopping to recharge my car?

This is no longer the case.  Yes, in the past, electric cars were not up to the standard that they are now. However, new technology has been developed which has lengthened the life of the batteries and other technologies in electric vehicles have become more efficient meaning the range of an electric car has been greatly increased.

The Nissan Leaf, for example, has an average range of over 230 miles while current Tesla models can travel 220 miles on a single charge. In the future, the electric vehicle industry predicts that upcoming models like the Tesla Roadster will aim to reach a massive 650-mile range.

The average person drives approximately 30 miles per day – so as you can see Electrically charged vehicles have all the range you’ll need.

It will take ages to recharge my car during a journey

Running an electric vehicle does require a change in your usual behaviour; previously you will have been used to a petrol or diesel engine when your fuel light comes on you go to a petrol station to fill up.

Switching to electrically charged vehicles means planning ahead. You shouldn’t wait until the charge is almost out to “recharge”. Instead, you should aim to charge more often in smaller amounts such as when you get home from work.

Nipping out to the supermarket for an hour? In the office all morning? Charge your vehicle at the numerous charge points in most supermarkets or charge your vehicle in the work parking lot. Charging points are becoming more and more common in everyday life. Some charge points even offer free charging stations to promote electric vehicle ownership. This is a great way to save money and reduce your running costs.

Electric Vehicle Facts

Charging points at home have also become easily accessible. These charge points are safe and easy to use. At Trent Vehicle Charging, we specialise in installing and maintaining charge points so that you always have somewhere to charge your car.
This is ideal for people working from home or staying at home with the kids as you can charge your vehicle at home for trips out with the kids or see clients.

If you think smarter your charging takes place without you even thinking about it and while you are busy doing other things.

Still think it takes too long.  You can’t fill your car up with petrol or diesel while sitting at home with your feet up and there is no smelly residue on your hands after you charge your car.

Electric Vehicles are much slower than Petrol / Diesel Cars

Once you have driven an electric vehicle then you will soon realise this is a complete myth.

Many electric vehicles produce maximum power and tread at all revs so only need one forward gear. This means quick acceleration without having to keep changing gears.

Research on models show that 0 – 60 is much quicker than you think, and they are plenty quick enough for the roads we drive on every day.

Electric Vehicle Facts

How often will I need to replace my Battery?

This will depend on your vehicle. You should always check your manufacturer’s warranty before committing to any vehicle. The majority of electric vehicles have batteries that come standard with a 100k mile warranty or 7-8 years life expectancy.

How often would you change your battery or even your car with a Petrol or Diesel vehicle? Like everything else on electric vehicles, the batteries will last for many years of service.

So now you now the electric vehicle facts. As you can see the differences between electric vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles are becoming few and far between. There are a lot of positives behind electric vehicles (excuse the pun). So why not invest in your future with a charging point installed at your house or place of work so you can reap the benefits for years to come.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our charging points please contact us today. We can’t wait to show you the potential of these exciting vehicles.

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