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More people are choosing to buy an electric car and they are planning their journeys and staycations around charging up their EV. This change has meant that B&Bs and campsites are now adapting their operations to accommodate EV visitors. Below we explain the benefits of installing EV chargepoints plus the B&B and campsites OZEV grant that is available.

Competitor Advantage

By installing EV chargepoints at B&Bs or campsites you are giving your guests another reason to choose you over your competitors. They will no longer need to spend their time researching local charging stations and planning their visit or day around charging. Your guests will be grateful as they will be able to charge while they sleep or while they are busy enjoying your facilities. They may even recommend your site to their friends who also own an EV.

Increase Revenue

You may decide to charge your visitors more for their room or pitch if they have access to the EV charging facilities. Therefore, after the initial outlay you will be earning extra revenue. Your business may even see a rise in bookings as you are catering for both EV and non-EV drivers.

Future Proof

With the inevitability of moving to electric cars and renewable energy, installing EV chargepoints will ensure that your business is prepared for the future. Remember, you can start with a few EV chargers and add more over time. When taking this approach, speak to your EV charger installer so they know your future plans and can incorporate this in the design, ensuring you have the correct infrastructure in place. You could even choose to install chargepoints that integrate with other renewable energy such as solar. Enabling your B&B and campsite to become greener and more sustainable down the line.

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Investing in EV chargepoints shows your guests, employees, and local community that you are committed to a greener future. By reducing your carbon footprint, you will be playing a part in your local community to keep the air clean. Did you know that the average car emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year? Driving EVs and providing EV chargepoints will help towards us all living a healthier life, as air pollution dirties every organ in our bodies. Your business will also be seen as a leader in sustainability and a desirable company to work with.

Attracting and Retaining Your Workforce

Having a chargepoint at your business will give your employees somewhere to charge while they work. It will also help those who are unable to charge at home due to cost or not having off street parking. It may even be a deciding factor for an employee to stay or a new employee to join your company. EV chargepoints could become a part of your employee benefits package.

B&B and Campsites OZEV grant

Under the government Workplace Charging Scheme grant (WCS), B&Bs and campsites can now save on the cost of installing EV chargepoints. If eligible, your business can claim up to £350 per chargepoint installed, with a maximum claim of 40 chargepoints. Meaning there is a potential saving of up to £14,000. Plus, chargepoints installed under the OZEV grant for small accommodation businesses can be used by employees, guests, and visitors.

WCS grant criteria:
  • Must use an OZEV approved contractor to install the EV chargers.
  • Businesses must install OZEV approved EV chargepoints.
  • Applicants must be a registered business with Companies House or have VAT registration with HMRC.
  • Have off street private parking.
  • Have proof of ownership or expressed permission from the landlord to install chargepoints.
  • Be a small or medium sized business with less than 249 employees.
  • Be able to demonstrate the need now or in the future for electric chargepoints.

To claim the grant, you will need to complete an online form. A link to this can be found on our website. If your application is approved by OZEV, you will receive a voucher which is valid for 6 months. Forward the voucher to your installer, who will claim the amount on your behalf and deduct from your invoice.

How Trent VC Can Help

Our team will guide you through every step of the process, explaining and answering any questions you have during your EV journey with us. Trent Vehicle Charging are a full-service provider and can deliver the following:

  • Supply and install your EV chargepoints.
  • Complete groundworks with our in-house civils team.
  • Provide car park bay painting.
  • Provide support and maintenance packages to keep chargers at their optimum performance.
  • Plus, we are OZEV approved.

Contact us today for a free consultation. One of the team will visit your premises to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free no obligation quote.

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