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EV chargepoint design & installation

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Single & multi-point installation

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Compatible with all vehicle types

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Committed reforestation pledge


Trent Vehicle Charging are your EV chargepoint Installer for Nottingham and the East Midlands. We supply and install EV chargepoints for residential, workplace, commercial and public settings. Trent VC offer a wide range of EV chargers to suit all electric cars. Our engineers have a wealth of experience and are qualified EV chargepoint installers.

We know that it is always nice to see items before you buy them. So, we have installed the top selling EV chargers for you to browse in our new showroom off Colwick Loop Road in Nottingham. Complete the general enquiry form today to book your EV charger demonstration.

electric car charger home installation uk

Home ev
charge points

Our easy-to-use home charging solutions are perfect for everyday use. Simple and safe, all our designs support different power ratings for home and residential buildings.

electric car charger home installation uk

Workplace ev charge points

Workplace chargepoints make managing your fleet and team vehicles quick and easy. Trent VC will design your bespoke EV charger installation to achieve your desired results. You also have the option to spread the cost of your chargers with our partner maf Finance Group.

electric vehicle charging points

Public ev
charge points

On street charging is all about speed and convenience. Our public vehicle charging points are as easy as the weekly shop. Packed with the latest charging tech and an optional quick, contactless payment system, which is the perfect addition to any public vehicle charge point.


Our Journey Together

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One of our dedicated team will contact you to discuss your EV charger installation requirements.

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Our experienced engineers will supply, install, and ensure your EV charging stations are safe and secure.

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We provide support and offer three different maintenance packages for you to choose from.

We Work with Leading Electric Vehicle Brands


The average vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. Reduce your fuel costs and your carbon footprint with Trent Vehicle Charging.

KWH of energy transferred

Miles of charge

OZEV stands for the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles. This government organisation is part of the Department of Transport and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. This body is responsible for promoting and supporting low emission vehicles schemes across the UK.

Each car manufacturer will provide information on their EV models’ charging connections. Type 1 has 5 pins while Type 2 has 7 pins. A universal charging point has the capacity to fit all types of chargers. All our chargers run on between 3-7 kW AC.

The distance of the single charge depends on the vehicle in question. Most modern EVs are capable of travelling hundreds of miles on a single rapid charge. For example, a 30-minute charge at a rapid chargepoint results in 250 miles in a Hyundai Kona Electric or 138 miles in a Nissan Leaf.

Go Green With Vehicle Charging

How it works

First a survey will need to be completed. From this, we will provide you with a free no obligation quote. Once accepted, we will supply and install your EV chargepoint on a day that suits you. 

Government Grants

OZEV grants can save you hundreds of pounds and multipoint business projects thousands of pounds with the government’s low-emission initiative.

Why Trent VC

We are a professional EV chargepoint installer, OZEV approved and supply a range of EV chargers to suit all needs. Providing quick turnarounds at competitive prices, are just a few of the benefits of working with Trent VC.

Carbon footprint icon

Our Mission on The Carbon Footprint & Replanting of Trees

Every living thing on Earth is made up of four basic elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Those four elements make up about 96% of your body, and most of a tree’s roots, trunk, branches, and leaves.

While we humans get most of our carbon from food, trees breathe it in (just like we breathe in oxygen). But when a tree breathes, it inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen — the exact opposite of humans. And as a tree matures, it can consume 48 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year (among other greenhouse gases like ozone) and release enough oxygen for you to breathe for 2 years!

Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen instead also helps limit global warming, providing for a cleaner, healthier climate.

To help with our Carbon Footprint, Trent Vehicle Charging has dedicated themselves to planting a tree for every new charging point we install in homes and businesses.

As a company we are keen to help and do our part to bring down the Carbon Footprint.

Stay in the loop

Ready to turn over a new leaf?

Contact us now to find out more about vehicle charging, OZEV grants and how we can help you save money and the environment.

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